5 February 2017 – Natalie Bleicher


Sunday 5 February 2017 at 12:15pm

A recital of contemporary piano music given by local pianist Natalie Bleicher


Rob Keeley A Sonatina in Four Waltzes (1st Movement) (3′)

Natalie Bleicher Deine Schönen Hände and Last Dance (2′)

Issie Barratt Before Time (4′)

Cheryl Frances-Hoad Star Falling (1′)

Howard Skempton Starlight (1′)

Poul Ruders Shooting Stars (1′)

Hilda Paredes Las estrellas (1′)

Gregory Rose Fantasy for Mary (7′)

Karen Tanaka Lonesome George’s Dream and This Planet Earth from This Planet Earth (6′)


The concert will last approximately 45 minutes.

Entry free, donations welcome.

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